How Many Feet for Darts and Other Things to Know

How Many Feet for Darts and Other Things to Know

Natural and fluid throwing of the darts by the professionals may seem to be easy for you, but in reality, dart-throwing is not that easy. Being a beginner, it is necessary that you learn the tricks for throwing the darts exactly on the board with faster and perfect aiming. The High-End Dart Boards come with a complete set of darts, but learning the technique for throwing the darts precisely is extremely important. You must learn How Many Feet for Darts is perfect so that it reaches and hit the exact location you intend on the dart board. So, for your help, here is a brief guide on setting the dart board and learning the dart-throwing distance.

Dart Throwing Distance!

The dart-throwing distance usually varies depending upon the type of dart you are using the height of the players. The standard throwing distance for Best Steel Tip Darts is 7 feet from the front dart board, but it increases to 8 feet when you are using the Top Rated Soft Tip Darts.

You must also ensure that the diagonal distance from the centre of bullseye to back of Oche must be 9 feet that may come down to 393.4cm.

These are the standard distances which a beginner needs to follow while playing the sport. You also need to ensure that there is about 2 feet clearance on both the ends of the boards before throwing the darts. It is important to maintain this distance or else it may end up with injuries. This is the important tip for How Many Feet for Darts should be.

Best Height for Dart Board

Best Height for Dart BoardTo know How Many Feet for Darts is best, you first need to know the height of the dart board.

The dart board specified height needs to be 5 feet and 8 inches, and it comes down to the 172.72cm.

This height needs to be measured right from the floor to the centre of the bullseye.

For ladies, the distance would be different.

They can enjoy the same game with the standard distance of 7 feet 6 inches or simply 7 feet.

But, the distance of the dart board and height of the player needs to be considered both in the case of male and female. So, before starting the sport, you need to know How Many Feet for Darts is best for a female player in your location.

Measurement to Consider While Setting the Board

After buying the High-Quality Dart Board along with the Best Dart Set, it is the time to set the board. For this, you must learn the tricks online for setting the dart board precisely.

The area must be 11ft long with 5feet wide, and it must have free space, and all obstacles must be removed from the room where the dart board is required to be placed.

The dart board package comes with specific guidelines. This will help you to learn How Many Feet for Darts is perfect for the room where you are using the dart board.

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