Important Golf Lessons for Beginners

Important Golf Lessons for Beginners – Simple and Clear

There is a lot for a beginner to choose from in the world of golf, and this is the sport which is flourishing at a higher pace. But being a beginner, it is important for you to learn the basics of golf and you must know from where to start. You don’t have to worry always when you are in this situation. The first and important Golf Lessons for Beginners is that you must keep the game simple and clear. You must ensure that your instructor has years of experience, and they must start teaching you from the basics.

Learning the basics of golf first would help you achieve the best swings in the sport, which will help you excel in the sport for the long run.

Don’t go for Expensive Set of Clubs Initially

Being a beginner in the sport, you are not required to spend a fortune to buy the expensive set of clubs as you are not going to reap the benefits that come from the best of line golf clubs. Since you will be learning the basics initially, you don’t have consistent contact or clubhead speed required. So, you must settle with the cheaper golf clubs and as you get used to the clubs go for the top of the line clubs.

If possible, ask for a free set from your friends before investing the own golf club set. This is the first and important Golf Lessons for Beginners.

Ways to Grip Clubs

The second most important Golf Lessons for Beginners after buying the gold clubs is to learn about the grip of the clubs. There are, in fact, three different ways to grip the clubs, and they are mentioned below.

  • Vardon – This is the first and basic grip of all. For this grip, you need to use right pinky finger over the left index finger. The opposite happens when a left-hand golfer is gripping the club.
  • Interlock Grip – This is the second type of grip where is common amongst the target golfers with smaller hands and also for lays. For the grip, you need to use the right pinky finger to interlock it with the left index finger. This is the grip that most of the world-renowned golfers make use of.
  • Ten Finger Grip – This is the grip which is very common amongst the beginners as it gives a good feel of swinging of the clubs. It is the easiest grip of all, and it gives the easy and full control over the clubs while swinging. But you will find it difficult while hitting the ball for long-distance


The correct way to set up the ball before hitting it with a golf club is important. Being a beginner, you must learn the Golf Lessons for Beginners for the setup of the ball. You are required to keep the legs relaxed without bending them and let the arms hang down from the shoulders.

There are more about golf sports that you need to learn and ensure to check online for more Golf Lessons for Beginners.

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