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The Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Board To Rev Your Game Room

Electronic dartboards are the most popular and commonly played arcade game. A game of drat is always the best idea to have fun with your friends and family. This is the competitive game which demands skills and focuses on making the game an exciting activity for all.

The Best Electronic Dart Board is always considered over the normal dart board for a variety of good reasons. The Best Dart Board can take care of the scores, and this allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest without worrying about the scores.

For this, you are required to have the Best Electronic Dartboard, and you will be amazing to know that the market is flooded with a variety of dart board models that are electrically powered. So checking the online Electronic Dart Board Reviews is always suggested and this will help you to make the right buying decision.

For your help and assistance here is the helpful buyer’s guide for Best Electronic Dartboards and the Dart Board Reviews of some top-rated models that are worth considering.

Best Electronic Dart board Of 2019 For A Fresh Start

Must Know


DisplaysThe most important feature that you are required to check while searching for Best Electronic Dart Board is the display. You need to check the readability of the display and ensure that it clear to your eyes.

The size of the display is an important thing, and it needs to be big enough so that you can read the scores from dart-throwing distance. The Dart Board Brands some with highest screen pixels and this enhances the overall readability of the display.

So, it is important that you always check for the size of the display and the screen pixels before buying the Good Dar Boards.

Player’s Accommodations

Player’s AccommodationsAs mentioned, there are a variety of models available and different brands of dart boards come with a different number of player accommodations.

There is Best Electronic Dart Board that has larger player accommodation of 16 players, while the Cheap Dart Board models have smaller accommodation for players which is only 8 players. Remember the player’s accommodation number will increase and vary with brands and price.

So, it is necessary that you first consider the number of players that will be playing with you and make the selection of Top Rated Dart Boards that have sufficient player’s accommodation. It needs to be purchased based on the number of players joining you in the game.


SizeAnother important factor to consider is the size of the dart board. Here size means the target surface of the board along with the size of the outer surface. You will come across with different Online Dartboard models that vary in sizes.

The Best Electronic Dart Board always comes with 15.5” of the target surface. But, it is not necessary that you need to settle with such big target surface size as smaller versions are also available. The large target surface size is perfect for groups with a larger number of people, while the smaller target surface size boards are perfect for personal use only. But, when considering the size of the target surface, you must give priority to the size of the dart.

Larger boards are good for beginners and larger groups, while the smaller ones are mainly used by professionals. So, search for the Top Rated Electronic Dart Board that has a suitable target surface area.


Cabinet of the dartboard is the most crucial part to consider when buying Best Electronic Dart Board. The scores of the dartboard would tally within the cabinet doors. It is also considered to be the while side of one cupboard. So, you must consider buying the dartboard with Best Dart Board Cabinet which is covered for all potential damages from the dart throws.

Before buying the dart board, you must always prefer to measure the space available in the room so that you can install the cabinet in the room performance. You might be aware of the fact that Best Brands Dart comes with sharp edges and a missed throw can lead to damaging of the ceiling and walls. So, it is best to protect the area well.


The Best Electronic Dart Board always comes with the numbered sections which are sectioned off aptly as per the regulations of the dartboard sport. But, you will find some Top Dart Boards that make use of the diverse designs to section off the individual scores. Most of the boards make use of metal. But with the Best Dart Board in the World one can enjoy playing the game without worrying about the scoring as the electronic tally cabinet keeps on counting the scores precisely for you and at the end you can get the accurate score from the dart board scoring machine.


dartsWithout darts, you can’t play the dart board game, even if you have the Best Electronic Dart Board. So, while buying the Best Electronic Dart Board, you must also consider the darts that are to be used in the game.

You can Buy darts along with the board, or you can purchase them individually later after the board. You need to understand the fact that Best Dart Board Brands use magnetic strip darts and not the steel darts.

Some brands make use of Best Soft Tip Darts, which can be used compatibly with the electronic dart boards.


The last consideration is the Dart Board Price. You are always required to check the price of the dart board before buying one. You need to understand that the price of the dart boards varies depending upon the brand and other factors.

It is always suggested that buyers must compare the rates and prices of different brands online before they Buy Dart Boards. The electronic dart boards are very expensive as compared to the wooden dart boards and hence comparing them online can help you to select the best brand for your need.

These were the buyer’s guide for buying the Best Electronic Dart Board.

Reviews of Best Electronic Dart Board!

1. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

1. Fat Cat Electronx

If you are looking for the best dart board model within your tight budget, then nothing can be best than Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard. This is the electronic dart board that comes with the average budget range and comprises some of the great features, and the style is unique too.

The dart board allows you to enjoy playing 32 unique games with a single dart board and it has the 167 scoring options which are built within the electronic display of the dart board. The player’s accommodation of the dart board is higher, which is about 8 players, and this means that 8 players can enjoy the dart game at once. So, you can call your friends to joint you in this exciting game.

The dart board even comprises of an LCD display that displays the scoring clearly which you can view from a good distance. The package of the dart board comprises of a good cabinet that is designed with built-in dart holder along with six best quality darts that come within the package.

It also comprises 6 spare tips which can be replaced with the damaged ones later.


  • Good quality LCD Display
  • Six darts and a set of spare darts
  • Player’s accommodation of 8 players


  • Comprises several buttons which may confuse beginners

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2. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard

2. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0

This is another great dartboard brand, which is a bit expensive than the other electronic dartboard models. But it comes with some amazing features which outweigh the high cost of the dartboard.

The dartboard comes enclosed in the built-in cabinet which prevents the wall from damages caused by missed throws. The dart board has amazing electronic aspects which are capable of letting you enjoy 34 different games with a single dart board mode.

There are about 183 variations within the dart game, and the cabinet comprises the feature if displaying the scores. It has a display that shows the scores, and it can be viewed from far distance easily.

The dartboard comprises of strong cabinet made out of wood, and it features the dart holders who are integrated beautifully on both the sides of the cabinet. The overall target surface size of the dartboard of 13.5 inches in diameter and this is quite good for beginners to participate in the game. It comes with a dual set of soft tip darts.

This makes it easier for the players to throw the darts without worrying about damaging the walls with missed throws.


  • Dual sets of soft-tipped darts
  • 34 games with over 180 variations
  • Wooden cabinet with a dart hold and electronic display


  • The board is not designed with regulations of dartboard game

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3. Bullshooter Reactor Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet

3. Bullshooter ReactorIf you are looking for the best game for your game room, then nothing can be more exciting than the Bullshooter Reactor Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet. It is the dart board game which comes with a built-in cabinet with doors.

The dart board offers the players to enjoy 29 games with a single dart board, and it has around 90 different variations in the game and this offer you with hours of amusement in your game room.

You can either play the dart games in solo mode or you may add up to 8 friends to join you in for the dart game.

The cabinet of the dart board comprises of a black and white traditional LCD which shows you your scores in the game.The dart board also has the larger 13.5” of target surface area, which is good for restricted spaces and small game rooms. The LCD display runs on 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package. The dart board also has optional interactive Heckler Feature.

The dart board includes 6 soft-tipped darts with some extra tips which can be replaced with the broken one, if any.


  • 29 games with 90 variations
  • Extra 6 soft-tipped darts included
  • 8 players LCD score display


  • The built quality is very low and inferior

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4. Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard

4.Arachnid CricketCricket Pro Tournament Quality Electronic Dart board is game that every game room needs as it features the Nylon Tough Segments, which is designed to last for years to come. The dart board is made out of superior grade materials and has highly responsive sensors.

The dart board also comprises of a Handicap Feature which helps you to enjoy the fair gameplay. It can be used for games with 8 players in 4 teams, or you can play solo mode as well. The dart board comprises of 4 player score display and has around 24 games with over 132 variations which ensure to amuse you for long hours without making you feel bored.

It also has a built-in speaker who calls the name of the players who has the next turn for throwing the darts.The dartboard comprises of larger 15.5 inches of target surface area which a catch ring for the protection of the walls from damages of missed throws.

The board also has an LCD display which eliminates the need for manual score reading as it does the work for you by displaying the scores of all players.


  • Handicap feature for competitive gameplay
  • 15.5” of target surface size
  • 8 players with 4-player scoring display


  • Quality of darts is not good

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5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

5. Arachnid Cricket ProThis is the dart board that comes with all the features that you need in an electronic dart board. From the red/black and yellow target areas to 15.5” of the target area and improved nylon segments and more, it gives you the feeling of a professional-grade dart board.

The nylon segments enhance the playability and durability of the dart board, and the dividers are designed with micro-thin layers to prevent bouncing of the darts while throwing it. To make the games interactive, it has 3 level heckler feature, and it also comprises of high-test Scoring potential because of its square holes which increases the dart tipping into the board. The dart board also has responsive sensors.

The dart board has 39 types of games which you can play with over 179 variations. The dart board is designed to accommodate up to 8 players, and they can play with a group of 2 players in four teams.

The dart board comprises of X/O LED display which shows the scores. It also comprises of easy controls that allow you to control the volume with ease.


  • Players can enjoy tournament-style gaming
  • Reduces the bouncing of the darts
  • Interactive plays


  • Quality of dart is poor

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6. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set

6. WIN.MAX ElectronicWIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Set is the modern-day dart board that comes with great features to make your dart gaming interesting. It comes with everything that you need to start playing the dart board game like a professional.

The dart board comprises of 27 interactive games with over 195 variations in scoring options. The dart board is designed to accommodate up to 8 players which guarantee endless entertainment and possibilities. It has a cyber playing option with 5 skill levels. The board has the concave segment holes along with ultra-thin spider that prevents bouncing of the darts.

The dart board has the larger catch ring that borders the target surface to create the 360-degree landing zone of the darts and to prevent missed throwing.

The control panels of the dart board are very easy to read as it has the brighter LED display that delivers clear and crisp viewing of the scores and the statistics. There is an adjustable volume control from 0-7 level.

The cabinet is made out of ABS material ad it comprises built-in slots for dart holding and other dart accessories.


  • 27 games with 195 variations
  • Brighter LED front display
  • Strong ABS cabinet with dart holders


  • Built quality of cabinet is ordinary

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7. DARTSLIVE-100SDARTSLIVE-100S is one of the best electronic dart boards with basic features of dart game. The dart board is designed to offer you with best of dart game playing experience.

The dart game board comes with many amazing games and variations for scoring, and this makes it the best addition to any game room of your house. The dart board has the larger regulation size target area which you find in the professional-grade dart boards.

You will find the dart board target surface area of 15.5”, and this large target area helps you to throw the dart comfortably on the board and have the best gaming experience. The dart board is made out of plastic facings and comprises of small holes to hold the darts intact.

The dart board uses soft tip darts, which easily stuck into the target surface area.

It has a highly responsive sensor which senses the dart as soon as it comes in contact with the target surface area. The scoring id is given according, and it is displayed to the players accordingly.

It has an LCD screen where the results are displayed precisely, and hence there is no need for manual counting of the score every time.


  • Regulation size dart board with 15.5” target surface area
  • 6 free soft tip darts
  • Dynamic sound effects


  • Suitable for soft tip darts only

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8. Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard

8. Harley-DavidsonIf you are looking for the best addition for your game room, then nothing can be the best option than Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard. This is the dart board set which comes with some great features to rev your normal game room. The dart board displays the H-D colours and graphics, and it can accommodate up to 8 players so you can call up your friends to join you for the dart game.

The dart board offers you to enjoy playing 48 games with several variations for scoring. The dart board is designed with 4 colour LCD scoring panel and also has sound effects, which gives you prompt sound effects for every score you scored. It also creates real sound engine your dart hits the bulls eyes or when you win the game.

The package includes the 6 darts from the brand along with extra tips which you can use as a replacement of the broken tips.It also includes the AC adapter for the LCD display and the rule book with guidelines to play the game.

The manufacturer has offered a one year warranty of the product.


  • 4 Colours Scoring Panel and LCD Display
  • H-D Engine sound effects
  • 48 games in a single dart board


  • Not a pro-level dart board

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9. Gran Board Dash

9. Harley-DavidsonThis is another basic model of dart board that comes with some great features to enhance your overall gaming experience. The dart board comes with new and advanced impact mat that enhances the overall durability and shock absorbent mat, which can reduce the sound of the dart throwing.

This is the next generation electronic dart board that is designed to enhance the overall dart board playing experience. You can also make use of the smart devices for the scoring and to adjust with the graphics. Many new games can also be added with the free app that comes with this dart board.

The dart board runs on dual AA batteries which power up the dart board. It also registers the darts which hit the outer of the scoring area of board.

The dart board comes with 9 levels of games with several options for scoring. This dart board game application is suitable with almost all the smart devices and also with your iOS devices. But it won’t work with Amazon Fire Stick.

So, enjoy connecting it with your smart devices and enjoy playing your game with fun.


  • Comes with an advanced shock-absorbing mat to reduce sound
  • Registers the dart outside the target surface area
  • Comes with 2 sets of darts


  • Application is not compatible with all devices

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10. Viper Eclipse Electronic Dartboard

10. Viper Eclipse Electronic DartboardViper Eclipse Electronic Dartboard is the professional quality dart board which comes with all the features that are required for your entertainment.

The dart board is designed with the best regulation size which you need in electronic dart board to enjoy the 25 games that it has to offer. Moreover, the dart board has the 146 options for scoring, and you can enjoy playing with the dart board with its dual set of darts that come in the package.

So, you get extra dart tips which you can use for the broken or damaged darts. The dart board comprises of the LED cricket displays which can keep tracking the scores of up to 8 players.

The dart board is also designed with tournament spider and regulation size of target surface area 15.5 inches with bounce out button. This prevents the dart from bouncing in missed throws.The packages include 4 sets of darts which can be used to be played by 8 players as it can accommodate up to 8 players at once.

The dart board comes with handicap feature for each player, and it has the double ins and outs.


  • Well constructed electronic dart board with a handicap feature
  • LED Cricket display
  • Drawer for extra tips


  • It has no cabinet
  • There is no dart holder separately

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